Indoor Miniature Croquet

Rainbows from a beveled window dancing on the set

We were so anxious to play croquet in the middle of the long Michigan winter, we came up with this 6' x 10 ' tabletop court, inspired by Bill's friend Kevin Knorpp, new to the game of American 6 Wicket. The game is so close to the real lawn game in shot making, wicket making, you can jump the ball, you can do roll shots including the pass roll. We're considering the possibility of offering custom made one of a kind personalized sets for the croquet connoisseur. Meticulous detail was taken to make the wickets, the wicket clips, the weight of the mallets to strike the full colored golf balls with the same effect of a real mallet and ball, the flags and the winning peg. There is also a rack that holds the complete set, including the deadness board.

Bill and Kelly Newton have a match

Kelly Newton of the USCA came to check it out and have a match with Bill Darwin II.

Bill marks deadness on the board
Kelly lines up a shot and Bill marks deadness on the board.

Fred lines up a shot Beckie takes a shot
Fred & Beckie Riecks spent an evening playing the game.

Even Marsi gets into the game
Even Bill's wife Marsi gets in on the action!

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